People and Parades

It has been a full summer already, and it’s not over yet! Read below for some highlights!

Bay Leaf Mission Team

In April, a mission team from Bay Leaf Baptist Church came to help serve our neighbors and core team families. In the pictures above, you can see the team graciously helping clean up the yard of a core team family that was dealing with unexpected hospital visits.


This team also conducted door-to-door surveys in our borough. These spiritual surveys are a means to gauge the spiritual condition and needs of our neighbors. One of the most telling questions was when we asked, “Where do you turn for answers to life’s biggest questions?” Answers ranged from inner moral self to spouses to parents, but rarely ever to God or His Word.

BL Mission Team

We were able to follow up with many of the households by sending out thank you letters to those who took the time to answer the survey. In the thank you letters, we also invited our neighbors to our weekly Bible study. As we conducted the surveys, the team also had the opportunity to invite families with kids to Super Summer Sports Camp.


Super Summer Sports camp

Super Summer Sports Camp is a week-long summer camp for kids k-7th grade here in the borough of Crafton. Pleasant Garden Baptist Church has been running the camp for many years, and they have graciously allowed 412 Church to partner with them. In fact, they have become strong partners for us this past year, and we are so grateful for their support! The community of Crafton loves Super Summer Sports Camp and eagerly awaits the arrival of this love-filled team. In all, 112 kids registered for the camp this year, which broke all previous records!

IMG_2052Each day, the kids got to rotate between games like soccer or flag football to things like crafts, “Mass Organized Chaos,” and a Bible lesson. The kids hear one big truth from God’s Word each day, reminding them that they are created with purpose. Pastor Larry did a great job explaining Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and how everyone who trusts God to forgive him or her can be saved. The team also help serve the Ronald McDonald House at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and painted lines on a basketball court in Crafton. Their impact is felt throughout the borough and city every year.

Interns & Crafton Celebrates

Arlington Baptist Church sent us two interns who have jumped right in to work with us in serving the city. Muanpi and Zach will be with us for the month of July, and they have already been a huge help. They served as volunteers at our local week-long 4th of July carnival called Crafton Celebrates. The Crafton Celebrates team was glad to have extra help, and Zach and Muanpi’s unwavering service that week led to a great conversation with one of the leaders about her faith!


One of the highlights of the Crafton Celebrates weekend is the opening day parade. 412 Church was represented for the first time by having a float in the parade. We had a blast walking running along aside our truck and handing out candy along the way. I even had three separate conversations with local residents while in the parade. One was with a gentleman named Leon and his kids, who were curious about 412 Church. Another was with a grandmother who had taken our spiritual survey and her grandkids. She remembered how lovely the people who talked to her were and wanted to get in touch with our church. The third conversation was with a few kids from the sports camp who remembered me and yelled, “Hey Pastor Greg!” while we drove by. I got to talk with them and their uncle after the parade ended. I can’t begin to tell you how good it was to see all our efforts coming together that day.

Thank you for praying for us and our small church as we represent Christ in our community. It’s making a difference!

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