“Well” On Our Way


As I officially stepped into the role of Associate Pastor of Discipleship at The Well Church this month, the Lawrence family hit the ground running to kick off 2019. Like many things in church planting, there is both excitement and trepidation as to how the year will go. But God knows our worries, and He has already given us a sweet reminder that He is still orchestrating things here.

Almost exactly two years ago, I was asked to preach a four-week series at The Well Church. The church had just started meeting in the Mt. Washington community center, and the sermon series focused on getting a fresh start with God. I loved filling in for Adam, and I was excited to preach a whole series. After the service on the fourth and final Sunday, a visitor approached to shake my hand and pull me aside. His name was Frank, and he is very tall and intimidating (think mob-boss level intimidation here). At first, I was afraid I had said something to upset him. But when he looked down at me and simply said, “I think you’re right; I need a fresh start with God,” I was blown away. God had already been moving in Frank’s heart, and I was thrilled to get to be a part of his story. Immediately, Austin–the worship leader at The Well–followed up with Frank and his family. A few months later, Frank was later baptized and joined the church.

Fast forward to the present day–January of 2019. I’m anxiously starting this new role wondering if I’ll make a kingdom difference this year. Then, on January 6th, The Well had a chance to celebrate the ordinance of baptism as a church body, and God used it to place the picture of His power in front of me again. Since last year, Frank has been growing in the Lord and inviting his coworkers to church constantly. One of those coworkers is a man named Josh, and his baptism was the one we were celebrating. Josh has been changed by Jesus thanks to Frank’s obedience to share God’s love with his friends and coworkers.


As I stood there taking this picture, God reminded me that He changed the world through a chain of discipleship just like this one. His plan for the redemption of the world is simply a matter of each believer obeying God by passing on the hope of Jesus to the next guy. As I start the year as a discipleship pastor in this amazing church plant, please pray that God will use not just me, but each and every believer at The Well to make disciples who make disciples. We want it to go so far beyond “Greg-to-Frank-to-Josh” as we pray to reach Mt. Washington, Crafton, and all of Pittsburgh with the love of Christ.

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