Transition: change, transform, adapt, adjust

VCPitt_headshots-0022.jpgAs I re-read our last post, this stands out to me: “God has been behind every victory on the journey so far, and He will be the fuel for the journey ahead. Thank you for fueling the mission here in Pittsburgh with your support and prayers.”

You may not be aware of it, but your prayers have been fueling us through yet another transition here in the ‘Burgh. As Megan and I settled in at The Well Church, God was working behind the scenes to orchestrate yet another big change in our lives. In a mighty answer to prayer, Pastor Adam was offered a job with the Send Relief arm of NAMB. His new role, however, meant the need to pursue the best way forward for The Well. Through much prayer and deliberation, leaders around Pittsburgh agreed that both The Well and another church you may remember hearing about, Vintage Church, would be “better together.” Thus, at the end of March, just three weeks after my whirlwind trip to NC, we were informed that The Well would be merging with Vintage Church–the same church that merged with LFCC back in August.

Questions arose, from us and from our partners: Why would God lead us to The Well just to have Vintage Church follow so closely behind? If we were supposed to join with Vintage, wouldn’t we have done so the first time? What does this mean for the Lawrence family? But God has allowed us to see how beautiful it is that we are at The Well during this time–now the Pittsburgh City campus of Vintage Church. We have already walked through a transition exactly like this one. We have seen God work, and we have processed the emotions that come along with sudden change. We have been able to take what we learned through the first merger and truly support Adam and Ashley and the members of the Pittsburgh City campus as they navigate what the merger means for them each on a personal level and for the church as a whole.

57840070_10162222892215112_4145495656640806912_nThe Well officially launched as the Pittsburgh City campus of Vintage Church on Easter Sunday, but there is much transition to come in the next few months. In each and every step, we are seeking the Lord and His plans for our family. Right now, we know that God has us at this campus through August, when the merger should be finalized. Greg will be serving as the Connect Director, working to connect visitors, new believers, and growing Christians to Christ and to one another. He is also keeping his hands open to whatever the Lord may bring, even if it means moving on to another opportunity.

57504679_2677479652267869_3697612726097412096_nDuring this time, we covet your continued prayers. We know that God’s power shown through your support is what brought us through the last few months of change, and we want to continue to glorify Him no matter where He leads. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to me. We will continue to seek the Lord and keep you updated as we know more. Lives have been changed because of your prayers and will continue to be changed because of the foundation you helped us lay. And please keep praying for this city; God is on the move in Pittsburgh!

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