Summer Immersion

The summer has just started, but its been full of big events. We hosted the Super Summer Sports Camp again this year with great success. We had an average of 80 kids in Crafton coming out to play sports and learn about Jesus each day of camp. We wanted to try hosting this same camp on Mt. Washington, as well, in order to minister in the area closer to the Pittsburgh City campus. That camp started with about 6 kids. God graciously held off the rain each day even though it has felt like monsoon season in Pittsburgh for the last month. 62470048_2764370550245445_268360577540161536_n

Two of the biggest events, though, were our baptism services on pentecost Sunday. Between the two Vintage campuses, we baptized three sisters in Christ! In the weeks leading up to the baptisms, I had the privilege of sitting down with two of the ladies to hear their stories and help them understand what it means to follow Jesus.

Their testimonies broke my heart, and I heard again the tragic stories that sin writes in all of us.62391357_2764370660245434_5176587927110549504_n.jpg But then I got to rejoice with them as I heard them each recount the new birth that Jesus had given them–the same new birth He gives all who trust Him. Both ladies had struggled and run from God, but now they proclaim Him to everyone they know. Both of their lives were broken, but now they are being made whole. They are now plugged into our church and seeking Jesus with their new family.

Stories like theirs are why we do what we do. We are still seeking the Lord to see if we will continue to do this work in Pittsburgh or if He is calling us elsewhere. Your prayers and your support helped make this moment happen, and they are strengthening us to continue working in spite of so many unknowns for our family. Thank You!

You can check the baptism video below.

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