Hear This!

Many of you have been praying for hearing aids for Greg, who lost 96% of the hearing on his right side last year. The cost of hearing aids is high, and we needed God to provide a way to afford them. After a year of praying, we can finally inform everyone that God has answered those prayers, and Greg has hearing aids!IMG_20190913_151811_01

God provided these aids through the Office of Vocational Rehab here in Pittsburgh. It is not easy to qualify for hearing aids through this service. We had to prove we couldn’t afford them, prove Greg was indeed deaf, and prove that he needed them as a critical part of his job. God used many of you to encourage us through that process. Some of you even offered to pay for the hearing aids outright if OVR didn’t work out. Your encouragement brought us to tears more than once. And in the way that He does, God went above and beyond, even providing an amazing friend from church to serve as our audiologist and help us through the process to acquire the top of the line hearing aids.

We just want to say thank you again to all those who encouraged us, did research with us, and prayed for us through this year-long journey. Even with the aids, Greg’s hearing will never be whole again apart from a miracle (which God could still do if He so chooses), but the miracles He has already worked on our behalf need to be celebrated! If God had chosen to let Greg continue in his deafness, He still has provided true healing for us all in Christ. We are grateful for this extra blessing while we are here on earth.

One of the things I (Greg) have been learning through this hearing loss is our ultimate need to hear God. Hearing is crucial to believing, obeying, and stepping out in faith. As critical as it was for me to hear, it is far more crucial for those far from God to hear the good news of Jesus. That is why we are here in Pittsburgh, and God has been answering that prayer as well. We have had new visitors to church every week, including some who have never been to church before. One young single mother in particular has been coming to church for a few weeks. She was invited by her softball coach, who happens to be a member at Vintage. She didn’t grow up in church, and her family even discouraged her from going the times she considered it. She has been soaking in the truth of the gospel for weeks now and recently informed us she is thinking about baptism. Would you pray that she will hear and believe the gospel? Pray that in the next blog we can celebrate another saved life, another person who found hope in Jesus!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Church. God is on the move!

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