Join Us


All the planning and strategy in the world cannot compare to the power of prayer. We need like minded partners to pray with us for God to move in a mighty and “only God could have done that” way.


We need followers of Christ to join us. You can participate through a mission team or even consider moving to Pittsburgh to be a part of our core team. With the help of technology, you can even contribute to God’s work here through online methods–by providing graphics, social media presence, leadership training, financial insight, or basic admin help.


We also need financial help. Without the resources to live, spread the word about God, and bless our community, our work can be very slow and weighed down by earthly concerns. God can do anything without money, but money can be used to propel the gospel farther and faster.


If you would like to partner financially to help spread the gospel in Pittsburgh, checks can be mailed to 35 Oregon Avenue  Pittsburgh, PA  15205.

Make checks out to THE WELL CHURCH and be sure to include Greg and Megan Lawrence in the memo line.

Please email me with your desire to partner by filling out the form below. We look forward to partnering with you!


Phone: (609)802-6895

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